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Smoking is the number 1, PREVENTABLE cause of death in the world.

Here, at Progrés pharmacy, we tackle tobacco use because it poses a serious threat to public health since it is highly addictive and toxic. Epidemiologic research shows that smoking tobacco is related to such diseases as lung, larynx, oesophagus, pancreas cancers, stroke and others.

Smoking is a disease and tobacco is a toxin.

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What does our service include?

We identify behaviour related to tobacco use and we determine where the stress comes from. We know that the self-acknowledgement of these behaviour patterns reduces the craving for a cigarette. We will make you realise that the benefits of smoking habit you believe in, are in fact far-outweighed by losses. When the belief in smoking benefits disappears, the craving for a cigarette diminishes significantly.

Quitting smoking is very individual and each person needs their time and it is important to bear in mind that relapses are very often a part of this process. Tobacco is very addictive and one of the aspects of our work is to analyse your past relapses, prevent future ones and show you that you can actually learn from them.

Unfortunately, we are not able to eradicate completely your craving for smoking but we can help you deal with tobacco withdrawal syndrome. The syndrome is not only a strong need to smoke but it might cause insomnia, anxiety and headaches. However, there are pharmaceutical alternatives that will help you go through this stage successfully.

I want to give up smoking but I’m not fully determined, is it still worth trying?

It is actually important that you are convinced and determined. Nevertheless, we encourage you to visit our pharmacy and ask about our smoking cessation program so we could study your case. We are committed to helping you give up smoking.

Does tobacco cause dependence?

It does, a lot.

I have already relapsed on several occasions? Am I a lost cause?

Absolutely not, relapses are very common and that is because of tobacco´s high addictiveness. Please remember that they are a part of quitting process.