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We have a special spot dedicated to pregnant women, mothers and babies.

Our team is willing to guide you through this important period in your life. We offer our support through stages of trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, postnatal period, breastfeeding and childcare once the baby is born.

Here, at Progrés we will provide you with professional advice based on our experience and constant training.

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Pregnant women

Pregnancy is a period when a woman requires special care.
It is completely normal that pregnant women have countless doubts and this is when new needs and emotions appear. As healthcare professionals we are ready to help you with our recommendations and a vast variety of products.

  • We measure your blood pressure (pre-eclampsia or/and pre-eclampsia prevention)
  • skin care during pregnancy
  • personalised pharmaceutical assistance
  • alleviating minor symptoms

Gift voucher

Very often it is difficult to know what a mom and baby might need, therefore a gift voucher may be a good idea. This way she can decide on purchasing staff she really finds useful.

Customised gift hampers

We make customised, hand-crafted gift hampers. They are perfectly adapted to mom and baby´s needs.


  • We work with such renowned companies as Medela and Suavinex whose products are ideal for those mothers who decide to breast feed.
  • Pharmaceutical assistance for both breastfeeding mother and the baby.
  • Alleviating minor discomforts related to breastfeeding.

Baby food

We have a wide range of childcare products from different laboratories which help your baby´s growth from breastfeeding and infant formula to introducing your baby to solids.
We want to be present during your child´s growth.