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Here, at Progrés we offer advisory services by a nutritionist who will help you introduce successfully healthy changes to your diet and make your body feel stronger, healthier and happier.

If your goal is to lose weight, we will guide you through the process without feeling hungry. These changes will not only make you fit but also boost you energy and vitality.

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Why do I need nutrition advisory services?

You will become more aware of how to select your daily food and how to make right decisions. The aim is to get in shape and become healthier through appropriate choice of nourishment.

At the same time you will learn how to prepare more appetising meals.

Sport: Are supplementation and a special diet required?

Doing sport has amazing benefits to our bodies but it also causes physical wear and tear which has to be compensated through appropriate mineral and vitamin intake. Well-balanced diet is crucial for sportspeople and their performance.

Joints: Does our diet influence their functioning?

Joints are a part of our motor system and they need suitable nourishment to keep in good condition. Substances obtained through well-selected food will make them flexible and will help avoid injuries.

Children and teenagers: Should they be taught who to eat well?

Knowledge about nutrition is necessary at school age. Children and teens should be aware of how important it is while they are growing up because it is essential for their physical and intellectual development. Their awareness of healthy habits at early stages of their lives will help them keep normal weight and prevent diseases in adulthood.