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Your skin health is important to our Progrés team. Radiant and beautiful skin is a reflection of good health and this is why we want to give you advice on how to take care of yourself on the inside and outside.

We are experts in pharmaceutical skin care; we select and combine active ingredients which are the most appropriate for your kind of skin. We help you repair and improve those features that need treatment or those you are not happy about. We indicate which rules to follow in your daily skin care routine.
You will find a complexion and body care section in our pharmacy which is focused on skin health.

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Why is it important to take care of your skin?

Skin is the human´s body largest organ and it requires special care.
It protects the body from external factors.
It interacts with the exterior environment.   
Well-cared for skin is beautiful so look after it and consult your healthcare practitioner.

Laboratories do we work with.

We offer products from a wide range of laboratories which meet all kinds of diverse and demanding needs.

Why it is a good idea to choose a pharmacy when buying cosmetics?

We are experts in healthcare.
Active ingredients in products offered by us have higher efficiency, which is proven clinically.
We offer comprehensive advice: how to look after yourself on the inside and outside.
We sell products whose efficiency is supported by scientific research and not only by lots of advertisements.