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We prepare boat first aid kits. Our kits are HANDCRAFTED and they comply with all the legal requirements.

We also get you ready for any kind of inspection or trip (use-by date monitoring, restocking and organisation). Moreover, we offer you an exclusive service of  on-board inventory of medicines and   medical supplies made by a pharmacist.


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We are renowned for our hermetic and waterproof first aid kit boxes and for our quick and efficient service.
We want to emphasize the importance of your kit because we know how significant it is to your safety.
We make it a tool that is easy to use.

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Why do we recommend having the kit always ready to use?

The nautical first kit is crucial in emergency situations. The idea of having it just to pass an inspection or to comply with the law is wrong. First aid kits can actually save somebody´s life before reaching the nearest port.

How can I have my kit always ready to use?

We recommend monitoring the use-by dates throughout the year and checking the condition of the contents every six months.

In order to ensure appropriate storing conditions for medicines and medical supplies we recommend a hermetic, waterproof, robust and light box. Our high quality boxes protect the contents from salt residue, humidity, dust and impact.

Bring you kit to our pharmacy and will organize the contents.

What is more, we offer an interesting after-sales service; we monitor use-by dates and we let you know when a medicine is about to expire.

We can also provide you with an ON-BOARD service. This includes inventory of medicines and medical supplies made by a pharmacist.

Why are our first aid kits worth buying?

Progrés kits are of highest quality:

This refers to both, the box itself and the contents.
The right receptacle ensures appropriate storage conditions for medicines and medical supplies. These conditions include optimal levels of light, humidity and temperature. Our boxes and bags are impact resistant, hermetic and robust and therefore they protect the contents from salt residue, humidity, dust and extreme temperatures.  
A medicine is a substance that has properties to prevent and/or treat illnesses and wounds. In order to maintain these properties and ensure their effectiveness, medicines must be stored at specific conditions. Good quality of medical supplies is important too. They have to endure hard sea conditions and very often they determine the efficiency of medical intervention.
We take all these factors under consideration and we prepare kits that last long time in perfect condition until their expiry date. High quality of the box and its contents saves your money in long terms. You will not have to replace the box every year and at the same time, restocking of the contents will be less frequent.

All in one

We are a pharmacy that offers you everything you need; medicines, medical supplies, professional advice, personalised pharmaceutical services and first aid kit boxes. You will not have to waste your time on visiting or contacting various places to get what you need. Let us deal with everything.

We save your money.

At Progrés quality comes first, hence the kits we offer are durable and their contents are in perfect condition until their use-by dates. We help you save money in long terms since you will need to replace the box and the contents much less frequently.

Progrés first aid kits are easy to use.

The kits must be easy to use for all crew members in case of emergency. We use transparent, compartmentalised pouches for fast item selection. They are grouped according to their therapeutic purpose. We believe it is important for the pouches to be transparent because this way you can see what is inside without the necessity of opening them.
On the upper, inner cover you will find an explanatory note with list of contents, organisation reference, use-by dates and in some cases, dosage. Kit organisation is based on colours.

Why is Progrés the pharmacy for sailors?

We are renowned for our marine first aid kits.

We can provide sailors with all the PRODUCTS they need:

  • The best and the most sought after brands of sunscreen for nautical sector.
  • Food supplements (vitamins, collagen, antioxidants and more)
  • State-of-the-art products for emergency cases: defibrillators, hemostatic wound dressing, products for 3rd grade sunburns, suture kits, semi-rigid collars, inflatable splints and more.

Because our service is FAST.

Because of our ON-BOARD service.

Because of our qualified STAFF. We are used to working with nautical clients and we meet their demanding needs immediately.

Because of our CONVINIENT LOCATION in Santa Catalina neighbourhood which used to be a fishing village. This area of Palma has become a home to many crew members thanks to its quaint streets and proximity to the sea.