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26/11/2019 14:57h Skin analysis


At last we have MICROCAYA, the best dermoanalyser on the market, available here at Progrés Pharmacy. This tool will enable us to carry out the Pharmaceutical Indication Service for skin care and skin diseases.
Skin care should be adapted to every season in a year. Ultraviolet rays have negative effect on our skin since they aggravate density problems, and they make wrinkles and patches more visible. When it comes to acne skin, typical ´acne rebound effect´ might appear after the summer. Skin care routine which is efficient in the summer, turns out not to be effective in the autumn.
Skin aging is caused by various internal factors (genetic, hormonal...) and by external factors (pollution or UV radiation). Nevertheless, the factor that most contributes to premature skin aging is solar radiation.
We encourage our patients/clients to visit us and find out what the condition of their skin is. The test will indicate different parameters (hydration, density, fat level) which will help us establish new, personalised skin care routine for you and at the same time it will improve its condition. Our comprehensive skin care protocol will help you to look after your skin in a more in-depth way. Our pharmaceutical cosmetics are clinically tested and developed basing on scientific research. What is more, we provide you with nutraceuticals and professional advice on nutrition and dietetics to help you introduce a thorough skin care routine.
You will get the result of the test in only 5 minutes and it is completely free of charge.

Enquire at our pharmacy.

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