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06/05/2020 17:05h Nutrition and dietetics consultancy


An article published by Science magazine on April 14 predicts that the virus will live with us until 2022, so we must maintain the distancing and prevention measures during that time. Every day we have more information about Covid19: new clinical studies are appearing, pathologists are looking for evidence in the bodies of the dead and different scientific groups are working against the clock to obtain a vaccine. From the pharmacy we again make a summary of the best known weapon against the virus: prevention. We emphasize that the contagion in 48% of the cases is produced in asymptomatology.    
Frequent hand disinfection is very important. The fact of wearing rubber gloves does not prevent the contagion, it can give us an idea of false protection and if they are not used correctly they are a focus of infection. Disinfect them just as you do your hands. Avoid touching your face.    
With regard to masks, the WHO insists that they are useless if all other containment measures are neglected. When you think that you are not going to respect the minimum distance (1.5 meters with other people) use a mask. The most suitable are FFP2 (filters 92%), NK95 (95%) or FFP3 (98%) without a valve. The valve prevents moisture condensation inside the mask, but allows the user to spread it to the outside. The masks are not reusable, unless indicated on their packaging with an "R".    
We are in a worldwide shortage scenario, so reuse is common. They are not washed or disinfected with any type of antiseptic preparation, as this would affect their filtration. The best method of disinfection is through dry heat. In this case, beware of masks with rubber and/or valves. The duration of a surgical mask is four hours and of the self-filtering ones, a maximum of 24 hours. A good reuse system is, if used daily, to buy five masks (of which we have recommended) and use one each day, putting the mask in quarantine at the end of the day until after five days it can be used again.    
What do we recommend as a supplement to maintain a healthy immune status? There is no scientific evidence for any specific prevention or treatment for Covid19, but we do know that we should maintain a good health and a strong immune system, as well as maintain an adequate weight.    
In your meals increase your intake of green leafy vegetables and vegetables, cruciferous like broccoli, sprouts, tender sprouts and fruits. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Sunbathe, avoid fear and stress that lower your defense system. Magnesium helps in times of anxiety; take it in citrate or bisglycinate. It provides vitamin D as a supplement if the sun is not enough and we highlight the combination of echinacea, elder and cat's claw (uncaria tomentosa) for its help in increasing the immune system, having anti-inflammatory capacity and its antiviral properties. A product containing all three plants would be ideal. It could be taken continuously with 10 day breaks in monthly treatments. It adds to the daily intake vitamin C, if it can be in its less acidic form and with greater capacity of absorption (Ester-C) or of controlled liberation (it does it throughout the day and it is interesting because the vitamin C is eliminated quickly) and 30-50mg of zinc. From Farmàcia Progrés we thank you for the teamwork we are doing. Our mission, now more than ever, is your health and safety.     
Lara Benito / Assistant Pharmacist Pharmacia Progrès

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