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Our health tip for this New Year

Our best wishes for Christmas:
Lots of love, health and peace
Good health is a state of total well-being that includes physical, mental and social aspects and not only lack of illnesses. At Progrés are determined to contribute to your good health and hence our Christmas wishes come with a simple but magic and powerful tip; MEDITATION.
Changes, being in a constant hurry and losing contact with nature affects our body physically because of the stress and anxiety. Clinical research corroborates the power and positive impact meditation has on our mind. Meditation alleviates symptoms of stress and anxiety. Moreover, it boots concentration, memory and it significantly improves learning processes.
How can we do this? 10 minutes a day is enough.
Find a quiet and peaceful place where nobody and nothing disturbs you.
The back should be straight and upright. You can sit crossed-legged or in a chair. Then, close your eyes and try to focus and your breathing and try to feel the rhythm. Concentrate on the dark space when your eyes are closed. Let the thoughts go away and avoid paying attention to any of them. Simply saying, it’s just you and your breathing, let it be like this.
We recommend meditating before meals, on empty stomach, preferably before breakfast or dinner.
This mental exercise is simple but powerful at the same time, it really works. We are sending you our best and most sincere Christmas wishes along with this magic piece of advice.
Because our mission is to take care of your health.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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