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Our best wishes for this Christmas

Our best wishes for this Christmas and 2020. We have committed ourselves to taking care of your health on daily basis and to improve it, so you can make all your good wishes come true.
We relay on a holistic approach to healthcare: we offer pharmaceutical advice to our patients/sailors which is based on our experience and academic training. We deal with illnesses in an integrated way, considering the whole person rather than just symptoms. We have developed a mix of interconnected pharmaceutical services which are full of good advice and they will help you improve your health and vitality. Boost your energy and happiness with us!
Santa has already given us the best Dermoanalyser on the market. This is an incredibly effective tool which enables us to determine specific parameters which make your skin healthier. We have endless amount of potions and formulas with valuable active ingredients proven to be effective by scientific research. They prevent skin alterations, accentuate natural beauty and fix imperfections caused by the passage of time.
Our patients who are the most exposed to solar radiation are sailors. The sun is responsible for 80% of skin aging. The damage it causes accumulates with time and might lead to deep and irreversible alterations.
Our mission is to encourage sailors to look after their skin and the key to healthy skin includes:

  • Getting your skin tested at our pharmacy, this will enable us to prevent and treat sun damage and we will recommend you how to look after your skin on daily basis.
  • Protecting your skin by using good sunscreen and supplement your healthy diet with oral antioxidants.
  • Getting your first-aid kit ready; make sure it contains sunscreen for all the crew members and passengers. Don´t forget about sunburn remedies.

May all your wishes come true.
Progrés Pharmacy

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