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07/02/2020 10:19h Skin analysis

Korean Cleaning


Daily facial hygiene, before going to sleep and upon waking, constitutes the base of the facial care pyramid. Only this daily gesture is able to improve the health and appearance of the skin in a noticeable way. 

Korean women are a benchmark in skin care and have a daily protocol that consists of 10 steps.  We understand that 10 steps take a lot of time, but you may be able to do it 1/2 times a week.


1. Make-up removal with oil-based cleaner (EVEN GREASY SKINS). Remove with water.
2. Use a gentle cleansing foam (circular movements). Rinse with water.
3. Exfoliate with very soft facial srub/sponge.
4. Tonify the skin with a cotton or 100% cotton cloth (with tonic or micellar water).
5. Use of preserum.
6. Applicate eye contour.
7. Applicate serum.
8. Use a soft mask.
9. Application of the moisturizing cream.
10. Last step: Your sunscreen must NOT be missing for the day. For the night, a nutritive cream with active ingredients.
Ask at our pharmacy, we will adapt your products to this care protocol.  

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